Wine Tasting Party

Life is good when we make time to be with friends. This weekend we hosted a casual wine tasting party for a small group of friends. I love wine, but don't know a lot about it. I can tell good from terrible, but that doesn't make me a connoisseur. Since I learn best through the immersion method, throwing a wine tasting party is the best way to get friendly with more labels and add to my short list of reliable wines.

My friend, Becky is a wonderful cook as well as an expert on pairings. I provided my home and she provided all the prepared foods and organized the pairings. Below is a pic of our group.  The photo  is missing our neighbor, he is taking the photo. 

Our neighbor was given a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Russian government, for the work he did for the United States government. It is the same wine that the Queen of England & Steven Segal orders by the cases.  It was a 2007 vintage.  The 2006 vintage sold for $3200 a bottle. I would be curious what this sold for. 

I am not much of a red wine drinker, but I must admit it was quite a good wine. I guess this is what good wine taste like. And it was amazing sampling the food with the wine and how the flavor truly complimented each other.  Below is a copy of our menu.

It was a great evening with good wine, conversation and friendship.



Kadee Willow said…
Teresa... what a fun time! And thanks for sharing what to pair with which wine.. that always seem to be a dilemma for a lot of us! So when's the next party??!
Kadee you will be on the invite list...
Dsavage said…
Thank you my friend for hosting this fun party. I learned a few things about wine that evening but my favorite part was the fun and laughter among friends. You are truly a beautiful hostess!
I just feel blessed to have wonderful friends in my life to share these good times with. Thanks for being here!

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