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Travel Planning

My question to you, do you spend much time on planning your vacations? I have heard that sites like kayaak and hipmunk offer the best airfares to give you a range of options? Are you someone that constantly checks airfares, to make sure you get the best price? Do you plan your wardrobe, coordinating it all, so that you can travel with less clothing? Do you research the area you are visiting, to see what are the attractions in the area? I love Virtual Tourist that offers reviews on the hotels, restaurants, sites to see... I would love to hear your stories and what do you obsess about.

The Most Comfortable Couch

Gosh! I never knew hunting for furniture could be so exhausting.  After laying dark wood flooring a few months ago, the dark leather and brown sofa seemed to all blend together  and disappear.  I wanted something lighter, to brighten up the room. Just as I had posted a couple weeks ago, cream colored linen was in my mind for the new couch.  I found a few on showroom floors, but you had to order them and they would take 8-10 weeks to arrive.  I just didn't want to wait. I shopped the Home Decorator Magazine, Ballards and Pottery Barn....I wanted to sit on the furniture, I need to touch and feel it in person.  So, I continued looking and found a wonderful little decorator store that had just what I wanted.  Their furniture is made by Smith Brothers,   made in America and quality made. We had shopped many leading brands and nothing had this quality of construction and comfort. Happy to say...we came home with this sofa and a beautiful chair. Here is a picture of my sofa (this is a

Love By Design Charity Auction

This weekend,  I am participating in the " Love By Design Charity Auction " on Facebook.  The auction is dedicated to raising money for the Brorsen Family.  Donald Brosen, a veteran and border patrol agent is battling terminal cancer. Cheri, is his dedicated wife, homeschooling mom of their 4 children. A group of artist from around the country have come together and donated their art to raise money to help the cost of his medical care. Here is the Mixed Media piece that I made set on the cover of an antique hardcover book. The assemblage is one of a kind. It is covered with lace, some old, some new, vintage brooch, graphics and adorned with a jeweled crown. It has a velvet ribbon attached for hanging. The auction goes through Sunday, Aug 3rd at 7pm. Please go over and make a bid on an item to help a good cause.