Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Great News!

Janina...thank you for sending a comment! Please send me your mailing address via my email!

I will be sending your necklace right out to you!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Necklace Give Away

A couple weeks ago,  I gave away a necklace in the Grow Your Blog event. 

the winner of my necklace was.... Janina Lynet Rolin.

I have tried contacting Janina several times and never heard from her.
If any of you know her, please tell her that I am going to redraw this Friday 
if she does not contact me. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's for Supper?

We love trying new recipes and cooking together in the kitchen. But, sometimes our schedules need dinner to have a little planning. That is why I follow several food blogs and take advantage of saving recipes on my pinterest board. Here are a few cooking sites that I enjoy stopping in for ideas! Thought I would share.

Iowa Girl Eats

The photography alone, makes me hungry. Story lines are good and constant good eats. One of my favorite recipes is the Skinny Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli-Rice Casserole on this site. Below is the photo of the Hawaiian Pulled Pork Skillet Nachos with Pineapple Guacamole.  Its on my list of recipes to try.  Maybe I was drawn to this site, because my husband is a Iowa Boy.

Eat at Home

I wish this blog would have been around when my children were young, and I planned weekly meals on a budget. Any Mom would love this site. And I love her recipes and the simplicity to them.  This blog offers speed cooking shortcuts and weekly meal plans that you can have emailed to you.

Skinny Taste

These days, I am making a great effort toward eating healthy. Gina's Skinny Taste blog offers recipes for those of you wanting to watch your waist and just simply eat healthy. And for those of you that are Weight Watchers, she offers a list of recipes that are broke up into the point values. This picture of the Skinny Taco Dip is one of my favorites.

If you like Slow Cooker recipes, I have several good ones on my pinterest board. As well, great AppetizersDesserts, Breakfast/Brunch, Soups & Salads, and more if you would like to go over and check them out. Create your own recipe book on Pinterest. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Giveaway Winner and Thank You Vicki...

This has been such a wonderful event, it gave me the opportunity to meet new blogs that I would love to read and stay in touch with, it has offered others a look at my blog, and I thank all of you who joined as my NEW followers. I don't have any random generator like some of you...I simply tossed your names in a hat & drew out a name. And the winner of my necklace is.... Janina Lynet Rolin

I hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoy creating my jewelry.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Decorating your home? Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!

I have always loved decorating my house. I shop online, home decor stores, and flea markets.  I especially love TJ Maxx and Homegoods for great finds. In fact, if you are wondering what your style is...go over to Homegoods and you can take a test finding your style and blogs that have decorating tips for that style. 

I found that my style is Classic with a little Boho. Fits me perfect!  



As you can seen in my home, I have a mix of elements showing this style. Most of my inspiration comes from reading home and living magazines, pinterest and decorating blogs. 

Maybe you are thinking of switching things up a bit too? Perhaps start an inspiration board. I use Pinterest for my own inspiration board. Or this can easily be done on your dining room table. This is a great way for you to keep your focus in the course of a decorating project.

Find inspiration comes from so many different places, fabric patterns, magazine images, paint colors, etc. Its interesting why certain element appeal to us and stimulate our creative souls. For each person, the components are different. 

Just remember to let your Home tell a Story and let it be a Reflection of You. What is your CREATIVE STYLE?

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Check and Manage Your Credit Score for Free

Note: This is not an advertisement for Credit Karma...just a message to help anyone that doesn't know about it. They are many places to check your credit, but I choose this one as my personal choice.

 I use the website, Credit Karma to check my credit from time to time. To my own surprise, I found a charge on an old credit card that was reporting delinquent payments. Understand, it was an account that was $0 balance and the card had been shredded. I would have never known about it, if I hadn't checked my credit on the site, Credit Karma. Luckily, I got it cleared up. But, these things are not simple. It took 3 phone calls before I actually got it cleared and a letter written to credit report to report the mistake on their part.
Serving as the President of the Board of a local Credit Union, credit scores is a commonly discussed term and how it can effect the rate you get for a loan, insurance, etc.. As a Realtor, I know many people are often surprised about something on their credit report that they knew nothing about or was incorrect. And it isn't the time you want to be dealing with such issues.
Companies are increasingly using credit scores as an objective measure of not only your credit, but your credibility.  Some people confuse a credit report with a credit score, when they are two different things.  A credit report contains all the information in a person’s credit file maintained by a Credit Bureau. The data in a credit report is interpreted through a complex mathematical process to determine a credit score, which is a single number that commonly ranges from 300 (terrible) to 850 (perfect).

Credit Karma also helps you track your debt and finances by giving you instant access to your credit score, and finding you the best savings options for your credit cards, mortgage, auto loans, and more.

Most people know that a lot is riding on their credit score, from the interest rates you pay on your loans, to your ability to rent an apartment, buy a home or car, and even to find a job.   Companies are increasingly using credit scores as an objective measure of not only your credit, but your credibility

This is not something I would normally post on, but I wanted to share with you my friends in blog world. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday afternoon

Woke up to a beautiful snow this morning...
made some homemade soup
and creating valentines
Hope you are having a peaceful day.

Rita Reade is Coming to Foxhollow Studio

Our September Guest Artist,  Rita Reade, better known as Mammabellarte...   which means Mom Beautiful Art. Rita, whom was born and raised   ...