Giveaway Winner and Thank You Vicki...

This has been such a wonderful event, it gave me the opportunity to meet new blogs that I would love to read and stay in touch with, it has offered others a look at my blog, and I thank all of you who joined as my NEW followers. I don't have any random generator like some of you...I simply tossed your names in a hat & drew out a name. And the winner of my necklace is.... Janina Lynet Rolin

I hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoy creating my jewelry.


~JarieLyn~ said…
Congrats to the winner for winning a very pretty necklace.
Jo said…
What a very lucky winner!
Susan said…
It is a beautiful piece. Congrats to the winner.
What a lovely prize and one very lucky winner.:) Lori
Burlap Luxe said…
Contrats to your winner what a lucky girl !

Beauty and grace to all your creating.

It is a beautiful necklace. It was nice to meet you thru the GYB hop.

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