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Welcome to Foxhollow Studio! I am so happy to share my Creative Space with you!
ok....I went shopping today and added a lamp and some greenery. I love these things that make me get things done. Look at the difference....much better!

I use my shelves above my work table to display some favorite items that I have made, received in swaps and were given as gifts by artist friends.
This is a new color and a fresh look for me this year...take a look at last years studio pic. I love the new color and my chandelier!
I must admit...after I saw Karen's jars covered with embellishments for holding her tools, I made some too! They were so much fun to do, that I made some and gave them away!
I always enjoy finding vintage items for storing my tools, like this old bowl for my jewelry tools and the old metal drawers are great for jewelry parts with its divided compartments.
I took an old water sprinkler for displaying the jewelry that I am making or its handy for when I want to hang a piece up to look at for a few days to decided what I want to do to the design.
I call her the Queen...she overlooks my art room. 
I have tons of old photos that I use in my art work. I have some of them stored in a glass jar for a display.
Old buttons and doll heads and doll parts are some of my art supplies that are handy for a project that I might need them
just a pretty way to display my glitter...
and jewelry parts
I collect vintage religious medals. I found many of these in France last fall.
Journals that are works in progress...
A cigar box that I covered with vintage lace, photo and jewelry to store art supplies.
An old tool chest is great for holding artist cards, small embellishment pieces, etc. I love the photo of my Mom on the table. She was so beautiful.
A recent piece of work that I did in a Kelly Rae Robert's Class. 
THANK YOU for taking the time to come by... I hope you will stop by and see me again.  Chopin and Monet, my Burmese kitties are asleep in the corner of the studio. Generally they are walking over or through any project that I am working on.  I have blue kitty paw prints on my desk from when we painted the room just recently. They have to be in the middle of it all!
A Big Thank to the Sweet & Talented, Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage for working so hard to make this all happen. Blessings to All!


You studio is beautiful, thanks for sharing it
Seawashed said…
Your studio is so cheerful with that lovely turquoise blue! I admire your religious medal collection...I collect them too. I have a few from the late 1800's. Thank you for the tour!
Bohemian said…
So Cute that your Fur Babies enjoy visiting your Studio too and have a Curiosity about what you're doing in there. My 'Outside Only' Fur Babies do sometimes venture into my Studio, it is the one Inside Place they don't seem freaked out by, I like to think the Atmosphere is as Calming and Inviting to them as it is to myself and other Human Guests!? *smiles* Thank you for taking us on the Grand Tour and Sharing a most intimate Space that you Create your Art in... I'm Enjoying this Blog Party Hop so much I will probably be up all Night visiting and being Inspired by you all! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
Your studio is just beautiful and so inspiring! Just love everything but the glitter in salt shakers is amazing.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with us. I specially love the vintage salt and pepper shakers with the glitter, these look so amazing!
I enjoyed seeing what you use for storage of your artist trading cards. It took me the longest time to figure out just what to use for storage of my ATC's, I finally ended up using an antique sewing machine cabinet drawer, just the perfect size.
Rhonda said…
I adore your creative space! Not to mention all of your collections! When I saw the French medals I said, oh we could be best friends. LOL
Doni said…
Hello Teresa!
Your room is quite inspiring! I love The Queen!!! She is so pretty! I want one so bad!
Love your oodles and baubles...such pretty things and lots of inspiration!
Thank you so much for sharing your pretty space!!
Silvia said…
Such a colorful and happy place. I love the Water sprinkler Jewellery display. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space
Lily's Lace said…
Those journals are so cool! I would love to know if you used your own idea or if you took a class, or do you teach a class?? Great post!
Sandra Kaye said…
LOVELY studio!!! Loved your jars you dressed up. I saw Karen make those..and keep meaning to do the same for myself...so little time..lol...one day. Thanks so much for sharing your space with us:):)
Unknown said…
Love the glitter bottles, will have to use that idea for sure. Thanks for the tour. I am Janet from Graceful Rose.
Karen Valentine said…
Teresa your studio is divine!! I see so many wonderful things that I would love to play with!!! And seriously.. that sprinkler... its awesome!!! Yes, I am coveting many items in there!!! Thank you so much for joining the party and linking up! What a great addition to the party!!
Rita Barakat said…
Darling space! I am so tempted to transfer all my glitter to those vinatge bottles- maybe by the time next years blog hop rolls around! LOL!
jinxxxygirl said…
So nice to see where you create! I wish mine was half as nice... Me i have stuff everywhere!!LOL! Hugs! deb
Maureen said…
Ha Ha! I can so relate to the kitty prints! My three cats MUST be the center of attention so of course they have to be in the middle of my projects too! Lovely room Teresa, adore all the old silver.

Oh and the sprinkler / jewelry stand? Brilliant!!!
GranthamLynn said…
Beautiful space. The kitties are so cute. I love how you repurposed things. You have a great space to create in. Thanks for sharing. I linked my little space. Come by and see me.
Have a great weekend.
I like it very much. So condusive to great designing and creating!
Diana said…
Your room is gorgeous. I love all your vintage touches. Hugs, Diana
Very clever using the sprinkler to hold your jewelry pieces, Teresa! It seems like it works perfectly, too. Love your decorated jars. I have to be careful with glass in my room because more than once I've almost knocked a couple over. That's a mess I do not want to have to deal with {broken glass}. That crown on your mannequin is beautiful and I love all your glitter in the salt and pepper shakers. I have wanted to do that for a long time, too. A new flea market just opened nearby I should make that something I look for there.

Thanks for sharing your great space! I really enjoyed the tour and could see having fun creating with you in it! : )
Deborah Weber said…
Oh my - I'm in love, love, love with your studio!
Art and Sand said…
Your creative space is wonderful.

I love all the color and inspiring tidbits scattered around the room.
Your studio space is so happy and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing.

GranthamLynn said…
It's so hard to remember everything you want to comment on. I love your jars with the lace for your pencils and such. I want to do something like that! I love my wooden caddy but want something with lacey jars.
I am following you too. Thanks for coming by. My dog Daisy is definitely a pouter sometimes! She pouts at the bottom of the stairs when I go to work.
Have a wonderful Sunday,
Kathy said…
I love the paint color in your room and that sprinkler is inspired. Thank you for sharing!
Maureen Hayes said…
What a beautiful and inspiring room! I love the new color, and all the vintage silver pieces you use as storage. You did a great job recreating those jars that Karen had. I would love to make so,e myself, but I don't really have my bling or supplies to make them. I had to laugh about your kitties, but my cat is the same way, I have to put things away or he will eat it!

Thanks so much for sharing you lovely studio with all of us.
thanks for visiting my blog and commentng. You are right we do like the same kinds of projects. I went to follow you and realized that I already am a follower here.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful studio Teresa!! Gorgeous little filing cabinet and bust of the young girl. Also love the glitter shakers. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful space with us. Karen.x
Botanic Bleu said…
If I had to choose just one thing to love in your studio, it would be the large blue stoneware bowl filled with scissors, markers, pliers (?), etc... Fortunately I get to love much more than the blue bowl.

Tammy said…
Hi Teresa! Love the color of your studio walls! You have some very creative storage ideas I might have to steal! ;)
I love the display for gifts from artist friends!
Cathy said…
Very nice workspace! I also share my craft room with three cats, sometimes one at a time. They all drop by from time to time when I'm in there!
Sandy said…
Adore the vibrant colors in your studio! So many neat ways to contain your supplies. Truly a lovely space to create in, thank you for sharing.
Lori said…
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, cozy room! Love the new color--it makes everything pop. I love how you've used vintage items for storage--I do the same in my room. My favorite piece in the room is the old sprinkler--what an ingenious idea! TFS!
Lori said…
Just wanted to add that I'm a new follower of yours and have signed up to receive email updates.
Melanie said…
I love your space. Charming and relaxing! Just my style...
Michellee said…
I love your NEW color of your space. Your WHOLE space is AWESOME.... The beautiful picture of your mom is added charm. I really like your ATC storage idea.. I may have to borrow it..Who would of thought to use a old sprinkler for displaying jewelry.. LOVE IT.. Thanks for sharing your Amazing studio.. Your work is so beautiful and refreshing..
fairyrocks said…
So lovely, Your decorated jars are just perfect. Love that you are not afraid to go bold on your walls. Keep smiling and creating. Well done Indeed!!
Chris Flynn said…
Hi Teresa... nice to meet you and visit your wonderful studio. I LOVE the new color this year. It's so tranquil and relaxing... I think maybe it allows your Muse to speak more directly? I also love the use of antiques! Especially the vintage sprinkler! COOL! Hope you'll stop by and visit my studio too! Sweet Blessings, Chris
Shell said…
Your creative studio is pretty. I love all the details. The french style Hutch made my dreamy heart swoon. Your kitties are adorable.
Very nice creative space you got and I like the different storage pieces you have, like the metal drawers are great. Lots of neat things through out your space and I can tell you enjoy spending time there!!
Lovely space.So glad to see colour on the walls. I love colour.It is so energising. Thanks for sharing.
Cathy said…
Fabulous! Looks like fun in every corner! Love the water sprinkler idea!

Cathy ♥
Patty Antle said…
I got so many great ideas here! Thanks for sharing! Love your creative space!
Charlene said…
I really enjoyed the tour! Love the color of your studio. Thanks for sharing.
Great room! Love the new color and the use of vintage items are my favorites! I have a thing for numbers so I love the metal cabinets with the #5. I also collect garden sprinklers. What a fun way to display your jewelry. Visiting from Karen's party. Now a new follower.
Vicki Boster said…
Teresa- your creative space is simply gorgeous-- so many beautiful vignettes-- so many vintage treasures. No wonder you love this room so:)
I could stay all day here-- would love to just walk around and look at everything. You are so blessed!

Romeo said…
Thank you for the tour Chopin and Monet! Mew was purrfect hosts even if you weren't too keen on sharing your nap space with me. Can't say I blame you though! I will have to tell "her" about the sprinkler - way too clever!!! And the change from yellow to aqua? PURRFECT! Love that color!


Sheila Rumney said…
Love your creative space, Teresa. Love the all the vintage goodies and would love to take a peek in your journals. They look so interesting. Thanks for visiting my studio. Wishing you a wonderful day.
Your creative space is wonderful, Teresa. I love your embellished jars, and what a great gift idea they are. I'm pinning them to add to my to-do list. All your vintage goodies are so fun, and I love how you have everything displayed. Thanks for sharing at Karen's party. Happy to be a new follower. ~ Nancy
Love every bit if it! I especially admire the use of the old sprinkler - brilliant! Very inspiring space. Glad to have found your blog - I'm your newest follower.
CatieAn said…
hello I am just able to visit all the studios in the blog hop.
I love yours. The color change is so wonderful. Your Queen is so regal. I too have some mannequin heads that hold court in my studio. I could spend all day looking through all your vignettes and supplies.
Your studio is so romantic, I love it! I like the contrast of your white vintage furniture on those new aqua walls, so pretty! So much to see and to admire in your studio, really beautiful and one of a kind items! Thank you for sharing your inspiring space!

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