Saturday, December 27, 2014


2014 has swept by us....And there are many post that I wanted to get into the blog, but did not. Blogging is a fun thing for me. I work full time as a Realtor, and if I am busy...very little little blogging happens. I feel with work, I am pushing it to travel as much as I do. But, I have chosen to make the most of this life, while I have my health and can financially do so. So many friends of mine have passed,  or health does not allow them to travel or to do the things they love. Life is precious..every day.
I love this pic we took in the eve of the Eiffel tower....what a beautiful moment in our year.

Lesa Dailey Comes to Studio

Lesa Dailey will be teaching her dainty Savon Rose Swan on Sat. May 18th & her famous Crowned Bird on Sunday, May 19th. Classes will be ...