Saturday, July 16, 2022

Colleen Moody is Coming to the Studio!


Colleen Moody, Nashville Doll Artist
is Coming to Our Studio!

What an Honor to have this artist in our studio teaching...if you have never had an opportunity to learn to work with clay in doll making, this is a wonderful opportunity to work with one of the country's best teachers. 

We are now enrolling for:
 Penelope Pumpkin, Saturday, September 10th Class, Cost $155
Sad the Snowman, Sunday, September 11th Class, Cost $125
Both of these classes are great if you have never done clay art and would like to learn, or if you are more advanced, you will love working with Colleen and learning her techniques. If you are interested in attending. Places are filling up fast & there are only a few seats left for Saturday. And Sunday is over half full.

Email Teresa for more info:

Thursday, July 7, 2022


8 Reasons to Love Junk Journals

  1. They are Creative Works of Art
  2. They usually require all kinds of material, any kind, used, new, junk, anything pretty much.
  3. Its like a creative recycling 
  4. You can make them as fancy as you want!
  5. Choose your own Theme
  6. You can use it to store paper treasures.
  7. ou can easily make them into glue books.
  8. Its a great time to be with your creative friends

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Upcoming Classes

 Thursday, June 22th 6pm Liberty Bell Class at 6pm. Fee for class is $25. Enroll by sending money to Teresa through PayPal at

Want to start Junk Journaling? We will start a new series on Wednesday, July 20th, 1-5pm. This is a new series of 4 classes for anyone wanting to learn the basics and beyond to creating their own journals. Cost for all 4 classes will be $85 paid in advance or $25 a class. Email Teresa or message for more info to enroll. 

September 10-11, we will have guest artist, Colleen Moody, Nashville clay artist in our studio for a 2 day workshop.  More info to come soon! (Subject: journal class)

Text: 580-467-7355

Thursday, May 5, 2022

April is National Kite Month

 Dave was off to the area schools that contact him to do Artist in Residence during National Kite Month in April. This year added to his list was Jana's Art Studio here in town. She had after school students. They had a wonderful afternoon making kites and got to fly them...

Classes not Posted

Here are some class photos that we did in December, February and March. 
We did a Countdown Calendar for Christmas. It was a fun collage board that everyone put there 
own special touch into the project. 

In March, we made adorable wood houses with napkin technique covering and adding circuit cutout wording with " Love makes a House a Home". It was new techniques learned by all so it made it
a learning class for everyone. 

Women You Should Know 2022

Our area Duncan Hometown magazine featured a few area women that were chose as Women you should get to know in 2022"...I was honored to be one of those women. It was a nice article with some tough questions in a short amount of space. Here is the link to the article.

Below are some of the photos their photographer took of the studio. 


Monday, January 24, 2022

Welcome 2022

 Its a New Year & we have exciting plans new projects & more new guest teachers.  We had hoped that the Covid restrictions would ease up...but they haven't & we will work with things.  Classes will continue in a safe & a secure environment for our guest giving them the ability to come and create in our beautiful studio. 

Here are some pics of some things we have been doing lately...

Class with the lovely, Lesa Dailey from Kansas City ...

Tag projects with the monthly group...

The talented Oklahoma artist, Bobbie Rogers brought the Pumpkin Party to the Foxhollow

We made a Christmas Countdown Board...everyone personalized it to their own style. What fun it was!

This cute little guy I designed for a Homeschool Class of Middle School Students & their Parents.
We had so much fun that afternoon making these. 

Watch for upcoming classes to be posted soon.

Colleen Moody is Coming to the Studio!

  Colleen Moody, Nashville Doll Artist is Coming to Our Studio! What an Honor to have this artist in our studio teaching...if you have never...