Its amazing that I had such an opportunity to attend Spellbound in Pasadena, California in early November. The friendships shared with other women that love creating, sharing their passion, and new adventures makes the trip so much more cherished.

Going to French General and meeting Kaari Meng was such a treat. Being an Anthropologie lover, she designed much of their jewelry for years.. She took her experience in all facets of jewelry manufacturing, she began teaching jewelry making out of her shop, French General. In 2003, French General moved to Los Angeles, where it continues to offer workshops and creative kits to people who enjoy working with vintage materials.

Jo Packham, is the powerhouse behind theWhere Women Create magazines, The Creative Connection Event and more, but underneath all that success is a woman who simply sees potential and possibility inside inspired ideas
and the creators of the event...

Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso are the mother/daughter design team behind A Gilded Life, and they have been working together in creative ways for over fifteen years! The pair is also actively involved in luxurious Art Retreat production, having planned and hosted numerous successful events at their converted 100 year old church in Dallas, Texas. This is where it all began for me, two years before at Dallas.

More to come...



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