This weekend was a catch up time for me. Payed some bills, organized files, made Valentines and even made a neat spoon necklace. The spoon is an old baby's spoon, tarnished which gives it character, and filled with my  piece of jewelry and words, then covered with the resin. I really love how it came out.

Today was a beautiful day, warm, sun shining ....wait, is it really January? It was too nice to sit in the house and not enjoy the outdoors. I painted a chair with its first 2 coats of Annie Sloan paint, clean out the flower beds and cleaned the patio. This is how the patio looks in the spring when everything is green. I love spending time out there.



Kadee Willow said…
Teresa... love the spoon necklace!!!! So adorable, you creative girl! Did you learn this in a class or figure it out on your own? Very impressive! And as I spent the day freezing in 20 degree weather it felt good to warm up on your patio.. LOL! Chat soon.....
This was kind of one of my own creative thoughts and I'm still learning more about using the Resin. I did take both of Kristen Robinson's classes. She is such an inspiration.

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