Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here is a brief overview of Spellbound that I attended last November, I have had several request to show more info and pics on the event. 


Some of my friends wanted me to post more about Spellbound that I attended in November of last year. It was hosted by Debbie Murray & her daughter, Shea Fragos, the mother/daughter design team behind the Gilded Life. They are know for their exquisite art events and retreats. 

Spellbound was an incredible, long weekend event in Pasadena, California at the historic Langham Hotel.  It is an amazing art retreat with some of the countries most talented artist teaching classes. 

The opening dinner, under that gilded ceiling and massive chandelier we were given a handmade velvet and organza flower to wear, a stunning hand made bag full of crafting supplies and tools and books and goodies that would be overwhelming to any of us.

It was a huge moment for me meeting Kristen Robinson and taking her classes. I had taken an online class from her a year before.  She is a fabulous teacher and a beautiful soul. She is so generous sharing her skills and wanting everyone in her classes to create a finished product. 

 JoAnnA Pierotti class offered a new technique in soldering and gave me confidence to make jewelry again that needed to be soldered. 

Debrina Pratt, has been an artist that I adored her minature works of art, had purchased some of it in the past and tried my own hand at this. She opened up many new ideas on how to do this.

As you can see it was a wonderful event, but its a new year and new events to attend...so time to move one!



Kadee Willow said...

Thanks for posting those, Teresa! I loved being at that event for many different reasons. Great classes, fabulous venue, wonderful teachers. But most importantly was getting to see my dear friends such as you!

Foxhollow Studio said...

I did too, Katie! I really feel a bit bragging when I repost about trips that I take, but I have have several gals ask me to tell them more about the event. So, I thought...what the heck! We are so blessed to attend these things that we need to share with others. I was not so fortunate when my children where growing up to go and do these things. I was the major bread winner in the family. I wouldn't have ever considered it with being the Mom I was and felt that spending money to do those things were frivolous when I had small children. So to put it simply...I hope for others to share our experiences. How blessed we are.

Heather Ales said...

Hi sweets! I loved reading your review! I am SO hoping to make it this year!!

Heather Ales said...

Hi sweets! I loved reading your review! I am SO hoping to make it this year!!

Foxhollow Studio said...

I hope you get to go...we both know how great anything Deb & Shea put together is going to be great. Hope you are well!

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