Friday, February 22, 2013

Kadee Willow

You will love the heart felt stories that Kadee post about everyday life, art projects, sewing, decorating, and so much more. She describes herself as an empty-nester, traveling and exploring what she is meant to do in this lifetime. Her talent for writing makes it a read you never get bored with. I was so fortunate to meet this wonderful soul at an art event a couple years ago. 

One of her most recent post, was about how she had decorated the walls of her studio with vintage clothing. How cool is that? And then to top it off, she shows a creative way of making those ugly 3M stickable hooks look great for hanging her clothing. 

Check it out for yourself & see what she came up with. Go over and look around her wonderful blog....Kadee Willow. I promise you will be glad you did!


1 comment:

Kadee Willow said...

Please forgive me, Teresa! I didn't realize you posted about me! I am so honored to be featured on your blog.. it means the world to me as does your friendship! Hugs and kisses sent your way, sweet and dear friend!!

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