Necklace Give Away

A couple weeks ago,  I gave away a necklace in the Grow Your Blog event. 

the winner of my necklace was.... Janina Lynet Rolin.

I have tried contacting Janina several times and never heard from her.
If any of you know her, please tell her that I am going to redraw this Friday 
if she does not contact me. 


lynet said…
ooh my God! sorry for the delay, but I've had a few days of trouble at the office! ..... and I recently read your entire blog! I'm still on time? if emotion is so big! thanks for taking me into account.
Hello Teresa
I am visiting via Jackie's blog! Congratulations for winning her Giveaway! Your necklace and jewellery are BEAUTIFUL!
I see you have pinned some creations and my blog on your wonderful Pinterest Boards.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hello dear Teresa
CONGRATS on winning Jackies gorgeous Giveaway!!!! Lucky You!

I'm so glad Janina can claim her beautiful prize!

Teresa your necklace is exquisite - what a clever jewellery artist you are - I've always thought I would love to make something little, but I gather you need quite a lot of tools for jewellery.
Did you do a class at the beginning?

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